Powder Puff Pacas

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Cats. In particular, our cat. Precious. I hate cats. I hate our cat. Precious. He’s a big guy; very hairy. Hair’s as long as mine. Sticks out like mine. I hate it. He has long, sharp claws. He has long, sharp teeth. He skulks around our barn and pastures, and quite frankly, he scares the bejeezus out of me. Grammy says he can jump on our backs and claw and bite us to death. Ayala, says that Grammy is just messing with me. I trust Grammy. She’s been around for a long while, so she knows.

A moment in hell

I hear them entering the barn, on the girls' side. They're not too quiet, yet I can't see them for the bales of hay in the way. I can smell them though. I hear the girls shuffling. Moving. Trying to get away. The activity is getting more intense. And now I smell something else -- fear. Perhaps it's just me. But now the girls are moving faster; I hear many feet running. I strain to see around the bales, to no avail. More of the boys are joining me to see what's going on. We look at each

Christmas Morning

I got my alfalfa! I'm rolling in it. I'm wearing it on my head, and my back!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Christmas Conundrum

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can hardly wait. Santa always brings good girls and boys presents. I wonder if he’ll bring presents to alpacas this year? I’ve been very, very good all year. Well actually since forever. Well most of the time. Well, I try real hard.

I hope he brings some nice, fresh alfalfa. I thought hard about it, and I love carrots, and I love my min-a-ruls, and I love apples, and I really love cookies……but I think alfalfa is like licorice ……. It

First Snow

Windy: Look at the beautiful snow! Isn’t it be-you-tea-full!! Look at it sparkle. Look at it twinkle. Isn’t it be-you-tea-ful!! Who wants to go and play in it with me?

Cream O Wheat (Grammy): It’s cold and wet. Let me just lay here and swang my jaw. I’m in the zone.

Windy: But we can jump and run and play in it! And we’ll get all sparkly and twinkly! Come on!

Grammy: (Swang. Swang. Swang.) Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.

Misty: Oh crap.

Grammy: (S

The Grand Dam

Good Lord! I know that I'm getting older. I'm not the beauty that I once was. But I've had several cria in my day, nursed the little buggers until they were strong and gorgeous, and I've produced tons of lovely fiber for you. I’ve never been ill, or given you a bit of trouble. I always come to you willingly and take your meager offerings of carrots and cookies. All ask in return is a little respect.

Did I not give you due deference quietly chewing some sweet cud, watching you c

Windy's Input

The weather's FINALLY beginning to cool off (30F - 40F). Mom put down what she calls our "first layer" of straw in the barn, and it's fun. I like to drop into it and roll, kick my legs a bit, and then leave it in a mess. Some of it sticks in my back and tickles. I like that. But for right now I mostly prefer to stay outside and let the summer stink blow out of my fleece. Not that I stink, I don't want to give anybody that impression. Let's change that to "freshen" my lovely fleece.