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Christmas Conundrum

Artie (Heartthrob)
Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can hardly wait. Santa always brings good girls and boys presents. I wonder if he’ll bring presents to alpacas this year? I’ve been very, very good all year. Well actually since forever. Well most of the time. Well, I try real hard.

I hope he brings some nice, fresh alfalfa. I thought hard about it, and I love carrots, and I love my min-a-ruls, and I love apples, and I really love cookies……but I think alfalfa is like licorice ……. It tastes very good, and it lasts a long, long time. Yep, I think I’m gonna ask Santa to bring me some alfalfa that I don’t have to share. All mine! I can roll in it, and bury my head in it, and wear it,

But then if I ask for alfalfa I don’t have to share, will Santa think I’m naughty? And if he thinks I’m naughty, will he ignore me? Or will we bring me some stupid kale instead? I really don’t like kale, and I really don’t want kale. If he brings me kale, I won’t it eat it. So if I don’t eat it, then I’ll be naughty.
So in order to be good and get my alfalfa, I have to ask for alfalfa that I’ll share, which I don’t want to do.

Hmmmmm. Maybe now I know why Santa doesn’t bring presents to alpacas!