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Our Staff


  This striking dude is a "mini"-llama, purchased to assist in guarding the alpacas. Yes indeed, llamas are frequently used to guard herd animals. 

 Boris is a strapping lad and takes his guard role very seriously. He keeps those extra long ears at attention to listen for any potential dangers to the herd. If he believes there is a real danger, he herds everybody up to the middle of the pasture and places himself between the suspected foe and herd. He also sleeps directly in the doorway to the barn every night so no one and nothing can get past him. 


Alexander is a real cutie, don't you think? He's a dark brown gelding, born in October of 2003. He was purchased as a "pet quality" or "companion" animal, which means he won't be entering into our breeding program. Instead we use him as our ambassador.

Alex's job is to keep our animals company when they are traveling so no-one gets lonely. We sometimes use him to help guide our weanlings through the weaning process. He has also proven himself time and again in helping visitors and newcomers learn the ropes around here and settle in.











I guess if Susie has a role to play around our farm, it's to eat weeds and leaves! We never have a build up of dead leaves along our pasture fences since Susie came on the scene. Fortunately, she prefers weeds to the pasture grasses, so she blends in well with our herd.

She's a very determined lady, and she certainly keeps us in stitches!

 This is our beautiful Precious.  He arrived very unexpected at our barn one night, and decided all was well.  It seems to be have been a great place to take up residence.  He's just really begun to help us keep varmints out of the barn. He scouts the perimeter each morning and each evening - and greets us each day as we make our trek from the house to the barn.

 Precious holds a very special place in our hearts!







Updated December 13, 2016